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Franklin, MA 02038

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Marshfield Physical Therapy

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Marshfield, MA 02050

Post-Concussion Physical Therapy

Post-concussion physical therapy focuses on alleviating symptoms and restoring function following a concussion. Therapists use various techniques such as vestibular rehabilitation, balance exercises, manual therapy, and gradual reintroduction to physical activity to address symptoms like neck pain, headaches, dizziness, and cognitive deficits. As symptoms improve, a return to sport protocol is employed to assess readiness to resume athletic activities safely.

The return to sport protocol involves a step-by-step process of gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of physical and cognitive tasks. Each stage is contingent upon the absence of symptom exacerbation, ensuring that athletes are fully recovered before returning to play. This systematic approach helps minimize the risk of recurrent injury and ensures a successful return to sports while prioritizing the athlete's long-term health and well-being.

By combining targeted physical therapy interventions with a structured return to sport protocol, post-concussion physical therapy aims to facilitate a safe and effective recovery, allowing athletes to return to their sports activities with confidence and reduced risk of further injury.

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