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Franklin Physical Therapy

473 West Central Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Hanover Physical Therapy

272 Columbia Rd, Unit 4

Hanover, MA 02339

Marshfield Physical Therapy

Webster Square Suite 10

Marshfield, MA 02050

Pre-Surgery Physical Therapy

Pre-surgery physical therapy serves as a vital preparatory phase aimed at optimizing a patient's physical condition and mental readiness before undergoing surgery. This tailored program is designed to address specific areas of concern related to the impending procedure, such as strengthening muscles, improving range of motion, and enhancing overall fitness levels. By engaging in targeted exercises and therapeutic interventions, patients can often mitigate potential postoperative complications and expedite the recovery process.

Moreover, pre-surgery physical therapy plays a pivotal role in empowering patients with the necessary knowledge and skills to actively participate in their recovery journey. Therapists educate patients about the surgical process, discuss post-operative expectations, and provide strategies for pain management and self-care. This proactive approach not only fosters a sense of empowerment and control but also enhances compliance with post-operative rehabilitation protocols.

Pre-surgery physical therapy serves as an opportunity for patients to address any pre-existing physical limitations or functional deficits, thereby setting a foundation for a smoother post-operative recovery. By optimizing physical function and addressing potential barriers to recovery ahead of time, pre-surgery physical therapy equips patients with the best possible chance for a successful surgical outcome and a faster return to their desired level of function and quality of life.

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