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Franklin Physical Therapy

473 West Central Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Hanover Physical Therapy

272 Columbia Rd, Unit 4

Hanover, MA 02339

Marshfield Physical Therapy

Webster Square Suite 10

Marshfield, MA 02050

Balance Therapy

Physical therapists can help uncover balance dysfunctions, evaluate the cause of impaired balance, and help treat balance impairments to decrease risk of falls and improve safety. Balance dysfunction can stem from age-related weakness, vestibular dysfunction, or following an injury. By addressing these impairments, patients are able to get back to the things they enjoy without fear of falling or loss of independence.

Balance therapy may include general conditioning and strengthening to help improve endurance, strength, and power for daily activities. Balance training may also include incorporating static balance activities, dynamic balance activities, and practicing fearful activities with the assistance of a physical therapist to regain confidence and improve balance. By introducing the body to various balance challenges while in physical therapy, the patient will be able to transfer those skills and techniques into daily life to improve balance reactions. Physical therapists can also recommend assistive devices to use to maintain independence but improve safety in the short term, educate patients on fall safety in the home, and teach fall recovery in the case that a fall does happen.

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