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Geriatric Physical Therapy

The body goes through many physical changes as we age, and it is crucial to address these changes to ensure we live a healthy life and maintain independence throughout the lifespan. Geriatric physical therapy focuses on the population between 65+ years old and focuses on the changing needs this population faces. Geriatric physical therapy takes into account the complexities of age including an increase in ailments and injuries, a decrease in physical activity, and loss of strength and mobility over time. Physical therapists help to evaluate and assess injuries or limitations the patient is facing and develop an action plan to improve pain, strength, and function so our patients can return to all of their desired activities.

There are many conditions physical therapists can focus on in the geriatric population including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, balance disorders, gait dysfunction, and joint replacement. Physical therapists can help educate patients on continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle, prevent future ailments and injuries, and setting up the home for safety. Geriatric physical therapy includes manual and exercise therapy which can help improve ROM, strength, and balance to improve daily activities, decrease pain, and prevent future injuries.

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