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Franklin Physical Therapy

473 West Central Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Hanover Physical Therapy

272 Columbia Rd, Unit 4

Hanover, MA 02339

Marshfield Physical Therapy

Webster Square Suite 10

Marshfield, MA 02050

Dance Physical Therapy

Dance physical therapy focuses on the evaluation and treatment of dancers and performing artists for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, or to enhance performance. Dance requires unique demands that differ from other sports which our physical therapists are equipped to assess and treat. Physical therapists focus on ensuring dancers have sufficient strength, stability, and balance to meet the demands of their sport. Common injuries dancers may have include tendinitis, ankle sprains, meniscus tears, and labral tears.

Through evaluation of strength, mobility, balance, and dance-specific movements, our physical therapists are able to make a comprehensive plan to improve the patient’s mechanics to prevent injury, rehabilitate, and enhance performance. By addressing any impairments, patients will be able to improve their range of motion, strength, and mobility in order to properly execute the skills required for their specific dance genre. Physical therapists aim to get dancers back to their sport as quickly as possible which may include educating the patient on what activities to avoid while they are recovering and creating a return to dance plan in order to ensure they are returning safely.

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